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Why Solar PV


Why Solar PV - The story so far..

Solar energy has been about for decades, but only recently has it become a viable alternative solution to the traditional way of buying energy from the national grid. Now with advancing technology and a reward and incentive scheme introduced by the government on 01 April this year there has never been a better time to make this sound financial investment.

For many years the systems available have been bulky, costly and apart from the "green  effect" not very appealing to the mass market, but with a probable global energy crisis and governments around the world agreeing to reduce their carbon emissions, something had to be done.

Here in the UK the government's legally binding "carbon-budgets" are pushing the pace of change. Emissions must be 34% less than 1990 levels by 2020 through improved energy efficiency and small-scale low-carbon electricity. Therefore rewards and incentives will see homes and businesses play a key role in these reductions through improved energy efficiency.

Based on a scheme introduced by the German government in the 1990's, making Germany the world leader in domestic Solar PV systems, the UK intend to follow suit. Not only are the German population reducing their carbon footprint by around one tonne of CO2 per household, per year, they are making money doing so and have created over 10,000 jobs just in production, distribution and installation. It is a win-win situation for all involved and can easily be the same here in the UK.

In summary the government are saying, help us to meet our carbon emission targets and we will offer you a return of 7-10% on your investment TAX FREE and INDEX LINKED for the next 25 YEARS, whilst reducing your energy bills and creating a safer environment for your children and grandchildren. Who could really say no!?

PV Solar Electric Generating

Solar electricity systems, also known as photovoltaic (PV) solar electric systems, harness the sunís energy in order to produce electricity for running household appliances, domestic heating and lighting.

PV systems consist of flat panels that you attach to your roof or outside wall. Each panel consists of small PV cells which convert sunlight into electricity using thin layers of silicon to trap the sunís rays. The solar cell on a pocket calculator is a perfect micro-example of a PV system.

Although the stronger the sunshine, the more electricity that can be produced, PV systems do not need bright sunlight to function Ė they can generate electricity even on cloudy days. Occasionally overcast days can result in more electricity being produced because of the reflection of sunlight.

The strength of a PV cell is measured in kilowatt peak (kWp) which refers to the amount of energy the cell generates in full sunshine.

PV solar electric systems are the only systems that generate enough additional power to contribute to the Governmentís Feed-in Tariff. They should not be confused with cheaper, solar thermal heating systems that power domestic hot water heating only.

We offer a full range of PV solar electric systems which vary from small systems ideal for flats and apartments to bigger systems suitable for supplying the power needs of a large family home.

We provide all services including initial evaluation and specification right through to installation and servicing.

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