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We only use fully qualified and trained teams of solar energy specialists who have passed the governments microgeneration certification scheme to install your system with the minimum of fuss and disruption. Our specialist engineers will take into consideration every requirement you have so that any upheaval is kept to a minimum.

Fitting solar energy is a straight forward process yet we recognise every home comes with its own set of challenges and unique requirements. We will attend to every detail sympathetically and you can rest assured that your solar installation will be smooth and fast.

All our solar panel systems – both the solar thermal heating and photovoltaic electric systems - can usually be fitted in a single day* with no mess, minimal disturbance and little re-wiring.

*Time based on straight forward fitting


With so many different systems available from different manufactures around the world, the Government have had to set manufacturing standards that must be met in order to qualify for the feed-in tariffs. In other words if your system does not meet these standards you will not receive any payments for the energy you generate. We only install systems that have surpassed this certification.

Our systems are manufactured to suit the British climate by two of the world’s leading suppliers. One is entirely manufactured here in the UK whilst the other is manufactured in Germany by the German market leader in Solar PV.

Whichever system is recommended by our renewable energy advisor you can be assured of having the highest output from the smallest area along with quality and value for money, which in turn will guarantee the maximum return on your investment for the next 25 years.




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